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We are officially recommended by Dominica's Ministry of Finance. Our company is the offshore services arm of the well known and reputable law firm of Alick C. Lawrence; as a result in serving our applicants we offer to them the same assurances, integrity and professionalism that a law firm offers to its client.

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What is Dominica’s second passport or citizenship by investment program?

Dominica’s second passport programme, also called the Economic Citizenship or Citizenship by Investment Programme, allows a person who is not a citizen of Dominica to become such a citizen, merely by paying a fee to the Government of Dominica or by investing in an approved hotel development. Caribbean Offshore Services Corporation has a long history of successfully processing such application, and offers convenient services to international applicants looking to obtain a second passport or dual citizenship in Dominica. The services of Caribbean Offshore Services Corporation have resulted in the acquisition of second passports by hundreds of persons from all over the world.

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How do I qualify for a second passport?

To qualify for a second passport from Dominica the applicants must be of good character and must have the financial means to meet the cost. If these two requirements are satisfied then the other conditions are mere formalities.

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Why do I need a second passport?

The main attractions of a second passport or second citizenship are threefold. Firstly a person acquiring Dominican second citizenship through the second passport programme has virtually the same rights as a person born in Dominica. Secondly, a second passport from Dominica enables the holder to gain visa free entry into a large number of countries including the UK and Schengen States of Europe. Thirdly, because Dominica has a good reputation internationally, holding a Dominican passport does not attract undue travel problems or attention.

Additionally, other reasons for which persons have applied for Dominica’s passport/citizenship include:

  • For tax planning purposes
  • To give them a country to which they can resort in the event of political or other instability in their native country.

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What are the features of the second passport programme and what is the cost of obtaining a Second Passport?

The fees payable to the Government of Dominica for citizenship under the programme consist of an investment and miscellaneous fees. It ranges from US$100,000 for single applicant to $200,000 for family of four. The minimum investment in Rest Estate is $200,00. For details please visit our Second Passport Fee Structure page.

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How to obtain economic citizenship and a second passport?

All applicants for Dominica’s second passport must be made through a promoter or agent. The Government of Dominica has approved Caribbean Offshore Services Corporation as your second passport agent and we enjoy an excellent success and efficiency rate. Click here to see official letter of recognition from the Ministry of Finance.


The following documents must be provided:

  • Two (2) completed and notarized copies of Application Form 12 for each applicant
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the school/university for children between 18 and 21 years old
  • One (1) professional reference
  • Letter of Employment/Audited Financial Statement/Financial Statement certified by practitioner with international accepted designation in respect of main applicant
  • Recommendation from applicant’s Bankers
  • Fingerprint and Photograph Verification Form
  • Bank Statement for the past year to present
  • Investment Form
  • Proof of Address e.g Utility bill
  • Notarized copies of passport, driver’s license and social security card
  • Two (2) Personal references
  • Police Record, from country of birth and country of residence (if different) for each applicant 16 years and over; For children twelve to fifteen (12-15), sworn affidavit by parent that child does not have criminal record
  • Four (8) passport size photos for each applicant
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage
  • Medical certificate (using form provided)
  • Letter addressed to the Honourable Minister of Immigration and National Security responsible for citizenship
  • Detailed Business Background /Resume
  • Notarized copies of University/College diplomas
  • Disclosure Form

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Must an applicant speak English to qualify?

No. This is not a requirement.

Where the documents of an applicant are in a foreign language, notarized translations must be submitted.

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Must an applicant visit Dominica?

One of the major attractions of Dominica’s second passport programme is that the applicants do not have to reside in Dominica to qualify. Neither do they have to reside in Dominica after they have obtained citizenship.

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Is there an interview requirement?


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How do I start applying?

Please fill out the second passport inquiry form online or e-mail us at indicating your interest and we will send you all the relevant information, including the steps you must take to successfully apply for Dominica citizenship and passport.

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Must an applicant reside in Dominica?

One of the major attractions of Dominica’s second passport programme is that the applicants do not have to reside in Dominica to qualify. Neither do they have to reside in Dominica after they have obtained citizenship.

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Up to what age are children considered children of a main applicant?


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Can parents be included in the main applicant’s application?

Yes provided they are over 55 years.

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Are citizens or residents of any country barred from applying?

No; any person may apply.

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Is change of name allowed?

Yes, an applicant may change his name before or after being granted citizenship.

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Can proof of local residence be obtained?


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Can a local tax number be obtained?


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Does the Government of Dominica notify the Government of the applicant’s country of his/her application for Dominica Citizenship?

No. Applications are treated with the strictest confidentiality. No other Government or Government authority is informed that an application is being or has been made.

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Cost of Second Passport in Dominica

The Investment

The Donation Option depends on which of the following packages applies:

Package A – Single Applicant A non-refundable investment of US$100,000
Package B – Family Application One (Applicant plus spouse) A non-refundable investment of US$175,000.
Package C – Family Application Two (Applicant plus one spouse and two children below the age of 18 years) A non-refundable investment of US$200,000
Package D – Family Application Three (Applicant plus more than two children below the age of 18 years) A non-refundable investment of US$200,000 and US$50,000 for every additional person between 18-28 years.
Package E- Main Applicant and up to two children below 18 years A non-refundable investment of US$175,000


Real Estate Option fees

The payments are as follows:

The investment of US$220, 000 or $320,000, as the case may be towards the purchase of the fraction or full title

In addition to the investment by the main applicant the following fees are payable to the Government:
(i)      US$50,000.00 for the main applicant;

If the application consists of family members of the main applicant, the following are payable in respect of each such member:

(ii)     US$25,000 for the spouse of the main applicant.

(iii)    $75,000 for a family of up to 4 persons including the main applicant and 3 dependants.

(iv)     $100,000 for a family of up to 6 persons including the main applicant and up to 5 dependants.

(iii)    US$20,000 for each child of the main applicant under eighteen years of age.

(iv)    $50,000 for each dependent of the main applicant above the age of eighteen years, other than his or her spouse.

Where the applicant purchases a full title transfer fees of 10.95% of the investment/ purchase price along with surveyors fee of $1500 is also payable. Where he purchases a fraction a fee of $2,500 for the processing of his ownership is to be paid.


Other Economic Citizenship/Second Passport Programme fees

In addition to the above, the following fees also apply:

  • Processing fee: US$3000.00 per person
  • Naturalization fee: US$750.00 per person
  • Due diligence fee: US$7500 main applicant
    • $7500 spouse
    • $4000 dependant 16 and over
  • Expedited passport processing of passport application : US$1,200.00 per person

The application process takes about 3 months. Much of the time is taken up by the background checks on the client. These are undertaken by internationally renowned private investigation agencies on behalf of the Government.

The applicant must pay the cost of travel and accommodation of the Government officials who are required to conduct the interview.

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