Offshore IBC

If you are looking to incorporate an offshore company, or for shelf companies, International Business Company formation, also known as IBC incorporation in Dominica, is low cost and speedy.

General Details
Since Dominica started offering offshore business incorporation to international companies in August 1996, the ease to incorporate an offshore company in Dominica is truly remarkable. The reasons for this phenomenal success of offshore company incorporation in Dominica are twofold – the speed of incorporation of an IBC and the low price of forming an international business company.

Caribbean Offshore Services Corporation is a registered agent of the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and we offer the whole range of offshore company incorporation and related services. Our fast offshore business registration means that names can be checked and reserved and your IBC incorporated in 48 hours or less.

You may contact us with your incorporation requests or for a free advice on incorporating your offshore company.

We also offer offshore shelf companies in a matter of just one day. To request a list of offshore shelf companies available, please contact us, and we would be happy to provide you with a list of shelf companies available.


Some Of The Features Of An Offshore IBC In Dominica:

1. International Business Company Taxation

Offshore companies formed in Dominica enjoy total exemption from local taxes including:

  • income and capital gains taxes
  • withholding taxes
  • transfer taxes
  • stamp duties

2. IBC Capital

  • no minimum paid up share capital
  • capital may be denominated in any currency
  • capital may be denominated in different currencies

3. IBC Shares

  • a minimum of one share may be issued
  • shares may be registered or issued to bearer
  • shares may be issued with or without par value
  • shares may be denominated in any currency
  • shares may be acquired, re-issued or purchased

4. IBC Directors and Shareholders

  • a minimum of one shareholder and one director is required
  • shareholders/directors may be individuals or corporations
  • no annual general meeting of shareholders is required
  • shareholders/directors need not reside in Dominica
  • no business licence is required
  • shareholders/directors meetings are optional
  • meetings may take place outside Dominica

5. Mobility/Confidentiality

  • re-domiciliation is permitted either into or from Dominica
  • IBC assets may be transferred to Trustees either within or outside Dominica
  • maximum confidentiality is assured

6. Administration and registration

  • no annual returns must be filed or published

7. Restrictions/Requirements

  • An offshore company (IBC) may not carry on any banking, insurance or other financial activities which would make it a financial institution under Dominican Law.
  • A Dominica IBC may not carry on business with persons resident or domiciled in Dominica except in limited specified circumstances.
  • An offshore company incorporated in Dominica may not carry on any business activities in Dominica save those which are required for the purpose of an office and bank accounts.

Government Registration Fees For International Business Company (IBC)

  • Registration fee: $90.00
  • Certificate of Good Standing: $25.00
  • Apostille: $15.00
  • Renewal: $150.00
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