Internet Gaming

Dominica is speedily becoming a leading internet gaming jurisdiction in the Caribbean. This is based on a combination of factors, namely state of the art telecommunication system, an educated work force, reasonable fees charged by the Government and their willingness to show flexibility in their agreements with licensees. This flexibility is shown, for example in allowing operations in appropriate cases to be hosted outside of Dominica.


All internet gaming businesses in Dominica operate under the terms of an agreement drawn up between the gaming company and the Government of Dominica. The gaming business is strictly offshore. All gaming companies must register under the International Business Companies Act of Dominica. The International Business Unit of the Ministry of Finance, Industry and Planning is the governmental/administrative body responsible for the development and regulation of this sub-sector.

Any company licensed to operate online gaming business in Dominica automatically avails itself to many advantages. The telecommunications system here is one of the world’s most advanced system allowing for immediate and easy communication with the rest of the world. The telecommunications companies operating in Dominica, provide such service through fibre-optic and satellite facilities on the most modern switches and carriers.

Also available in Dominica is a large, young and trainable work force. Where companies must import technical and managerial personnel, work permits for those persons are available, through the normal procedure.

Offshore businesses domiciled in Dominica do enjoy generous fiscal incentives and certain tax exemptions. Customs duty concessions are given for imports needed to carry on internet gaming. Exemption is also granted to on-line gaming companies from income tax, withholding tax, sales tax and other taxes. Offshore companies, such as on-line gaming companies, are not subject to foreign exchange control.

We have much experience in successfully applying for internet gaming licence here. Our services include:

  • Incorporation of the IBC applicant (the licensee must be a locally incorporated IBC)
  • Attending to the application including negotiation of special terms of the licence
  • Liaising with the telecommunications provider
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Rental of office premises
  • Legal advice