Offshore Services

Second Passport – Dual Citizenship

We are officially recommended by Dominica's Ministry of Finance. Our company is the offshore services arm of the well known and reputable law firm of Alick C. Lawrence; as a result in serving our applicants we offer to them the same assurances, integrity and professionalism that a law firm offers to its client.

Offshore IBC

If you are looking to incorporate an offshore company, or for shelf companies, International Business Company formation, also known as IBC incorporation in Dominica, is low cost and speedy.

Trademarks Registration

Welcome to our trade marks and patent registration service. We, along with our locally affiliated law firm, provide a responsiveness, professionalism and efficiency which is unequalled by other service providers in Dominica. As a result, we have built up an enviable international clientele while maintaining the personal dedication and attention which all clients desire.

Patent Registration

The Patent Acts 1999 gives effect to the Patent Cooperation Treaty. As a result, patent applications can no longer be filed under the Registration of Patents and Registration of UK Patents Acts.

Offshore Banking

Offshore banking licenses and offshore banking is a fast growing sector in this part of the Caribbean. One of the key features to obtaining an offshore bank licence, according to the Dominica Offshore Banking Act, is that there must be total transparency in respect of the shareholders and directors of each offshore bank. The applicant cannot therefore be an International Business Company (IBC) and bearer shares are not permitted.

Internet Gaming

Dominica is speedily becoming a leading internet gaming jurisdiction in the Caribbean. This is based on a combination of factors, namely state of the art telecommunication system, an educated work force, reasonable fees charged by the Government and their willingness to show flexibility in their agreements with licensees. This flexibility is shown, for example in allowing operations in appropriate cases to be hosted outside of Dominica.


Trusts are internationally recognized vehicles for achieving perfectly legal objects, be they asset protection, family protection, tax planning, estate planning or otherwise.

Tax Exempt Insurance

Offshore captive insurance may well be one of the most under-utilized areas in offshore financial services. We can help you establish a captive insurance license in Dominica - an offshore tax haven.

Management Services

We offer a wide range of administrative and management services for offshore companies.