April 15, 2014


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In addition to the frequently asked questions about the process of applying for The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme, applicants have a myriad of other questions some of which we highlight in this post:
1). How long does the process take?
Although the normal response is 2-3 months.  The best and most practical response is 2-3 months afterthe interview.  We emphasize after the interview because at that point the due diligence would have been submitted and perused, discrepancies in information (ex.spelling of name on ID different from that on Birth Certificate etc.) and any missing documents would have been attended to.
2). Do I need to attend the interview?
The interview is mandatory for the main applicant or the head of the family. Interviews are done mainly in Dominica but may be held outside of Dominica to accommodate the applicant.  However, the applicant has to pay for the air fare and lodging of the Interviewing Team.  Additionally, interviews are done in English, if the applicant’s level of English is not up to mark, we advise that he requests an interpreter (at his expense).

 3). Can I get Dominica Citizenship with a felony conviction? 
Felonies are sometimes serious offenses.  Some extreme types are rape, murder, kidnapping, tax evasion, fraud etc. We are not aware of any convicted felon who has been issued a Dominica Passport under its Citizenship by Investment Programme.  However, misdemeanors are considered on a case by case basis.
4). Will my children born afterwards be automatically entitled to Dominica Citizenship?
 Unfortunately, no. An application must be submitted on behalf of the dependent and a fee of US$50,000.00 payable for each such dependent.
5). Can I pay extra and get Dominica Citizenship faster?
No. Dominica Citizenship by Investment follows a process (retainer of Agent, submission of application, due diligence,acknowledgement from Government that everything is in order, payment of investment, interview, issuing of Certificate of Naturalization, issuing of Passport) and there is no fast lane or slow lane!
6). Can I pay extra and get more pages added to my Dominica Passport?
The Dominica Passport consists of thirty-two (32) pages – dimension 12½ cm X 9cm. When these pages are exhausted a new passport must be obtained. This may be done through your agent.
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